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Babies & Kids
Aug 24

Sweet Mama and Baby

Dicovery Park Portrait

Every once in awhile, as I’m shooting, I realize I’ve just captured an image that will become one of my favorites ever. As soon as I clicked the shutter on this one, I could feel it – their happy smiles, pretty flower crowns, and the naturally filtered sunlight all just came together to make a moment that I am so glad to have caught on camera. Can’t wait to share more from this fun family session.

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  1. Janet

    Absolutely beautiful, Sally!

Nov 10

Baby Brooklyn – Seattle Newborn Photographs










It’s no secret that I love photographing newborn sessions – but this one was extra special… Not only is the new dad my cool cousin, but Brooklyn’s nursery is beyond gorgeous (thanks to some wonderful design work by her very talented aunt)! Love love love!

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Oct 13

Baby Ethan – Seattle Newborn Photos

Seattle newborn portraits
Newborn photo

It’s hard to explain what an honor it is to photograph a newborn baby without sounding overly sentimental – but I have to say it anyway. :) I never get tired of the sweet baby smell, the look of sleepy contentedness in a mom’s eyes, or the oh-so-soft little toes, and I know I’m lucky to call this my job. Of course, it’s extra-super-fun for me when the nursery is as adorable as this one! Looking forward to many more sessions with this sweet family in the year to come.

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